What We Do

It's Not Magic, It's Experience

We do not believe in “hype” motivation, what we do is not magic. The correct principles of effective leadership and management have been around for a long time. At Morrell and Associates, we customize our approach to be relevant for each individual’s or business’ needs.  Our goal is to help participants see how these principles apply to them and their particular situation and then actually practice methods to improve business performance and personal satisfaction. We have hundreds of satisfied clients.

The Difference in Our Approach - It's About the Process

  • We help people figure out what skills they need and where they are “stuck” in their leadership development.  We give them those tools and facilitate the discovery process.  
  • We use  participants’ real life situations, help them apply the tools as we go along and build on the skills through spaced repetition.
  • Our focus on accountability includes measuring results of  action steps throughout the entire process.
  • We offer customized followups for business teams.
  • We strive for transformation, not just change.
  • Your investment pays for the program, materials and follow-up rather than travel, meals and lodging.

The Basics of the Process

Our first step is to identify, largely through discussion with key executives, both team and individual goals that will help the organization and people achieve an even higher degree of success. We use this information to develop win/win agreements, or written performance contracts, up front, so the process commences with specific focus on improved outcomes.

Next, we lead participants through a gradual discovery process of self-evaluation that allows them, in a non-threatening way, to identify what’s holding them back from achieving their goals.

Sometimes uncontrollable external circumstances are to blame for not achieving goals. So our participants need to question whether they are doing everything they should be doing to influence the situation to their best advantage. Most often, however, they discover that improving their own effectiveness in basic personal productivity and management skills hold the greatest potential for improving performance. We use a variety of exercises to surface the issues. For purpose of focus, we then have participants start a list of areas for improvement. Organizations identify key areas of focus to reach the next level of success.

The Benefits

To the organization

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Identification of high payoff activities
  • Time management skills that produce results
  • More effective communication
  • Promotion of positive work attitudes
  • Improved teamwork
  • Employee and organizational growth
  • Skills in dealing with paper flow and managing work interruptions

To the individual

  • New information to help you develop attitudes and behaviors to assist your business or organization to achieve its goals
  • Each program helps you and your business develop the slight edge
  • Helps you do the right thing at the right time with the right people
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