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Jean Schober Morrell

Jean Morrell, President

Bridge the Gap Between
  Potential and Performance

Our purpose at Morrell and Associates is to help people in business develop more clearly defined goals, develop a positive attitude and expand leadership skills so they can continually work toward their given potential.

We believe that true leaders develop people and the team with the most leaders win. 

As part of Leadership Management International, the largest producer of personal and executive development programs in the world, we achieve our objectives with the use of our programs that have successfully evolved over 30 years. 

We are so sorry to share that Pete Morrell, the founder and former president of Morrell & Associates, passed away in the Summer of 2020 as a result of pancreatic cancer. His wife, Jean Schober Morrell, Ph.D.,  then became the president of Morrell & Associates, moving up from vice-president.

Our Core Program

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Personal Productivity

The foundation of leadership

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Personal Leadership

The ability to lead yourself

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The Total Leader

A dynamic and innovative development process that focuses on four critical levels that you must master to become a Total Leader.

Through our hand-in-hand, customized process, we can help you achieve your ultimate goal.

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Motivational Leadership

The ability to motivate others

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Strategic Leadership

The ability to lead an organization

Our Unique Difference

Leaders work on real life situations and use their tools every week in their lives and jobs. We build on learning each week and customize the approach to the needs of the individual’s business environment. No matter what your business is, these programs will be relevant to you and your team.


Spaced repetition to help retain information.

Personal Application

Application of techniques in real life situations.


Measured and documented results.


Quarterly, customized follow-up available.

Leadership Development Opportunities

These options can be offered in programs for individuals or for business teams, either at Morrell and Associates or on site for your business. We encourage  business leaders to try out our open enrollment sessions to see the return on investment. We think you’ll want to  enroll your whole team in an in-house program.

Program Descriptions

Executives, managers, and supervisors need practical skills to increase both personal and organizational productivity. The EPP program provides hands-on application of these skills to increase one’s personal productivity, and that of the organization’s teams, through time management, goal setting, communication and empowerment.

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Through this comprehensive goals program, the EPL helps individuals develop increased self-discipline, a sense of purpose, and positive attitudes toward themselves and others. The bottom line is a happier, healthier, more productive employee.

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As the world of business has changed and evolved, the need for effective leaders has skyrocketed. For businesses to become truly empowered and innovative enterprises, they must develop leaders throughout the entire organization. The EML program is designed to create, build, and lead winning leams to function efficiently and effectively in today’s global business environment.

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When a team works effectively and efficiently, everyone wins. A successful team is truly an example of synergy at work – that is, accomplishing more as a team than individuals could accomplish by working alone.

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Strategic leadership is the ability to lead an organization. A strategic leader is able to define and develop the purpose of the organization, the key strategies, the optimum structure, the right people in the right roles, and the most effective processes for the organization to succeed.

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Those who have been “doers” but now need to manage will benefit from this look at their new responsibilities. Whether you are a first-time manager or you have been managing others but have never had formal training, the ELD program provides the basic skills and attitudes that lead to success.

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This action-oriented program for professional salespeople focuses on developing the positive attitudes, specific skills, and winning habits required for successful selling.

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Are miscommunications creating problems or obstructing relationships? Do people hear what you really mean? Learn techniques and skills that will improve the quality of your communications, alleviate misunderstandings, and improve your overall effectiveness.

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The goals driven workshop consists of coaching and facilitation to help your team establish specific, measurable goals, foster team collaboration, and develop a robust plan of action to attain these mutually agreed upon goals.  This is a full day goal setting session, followed by monthly performance reviews to monitor activity and assure goals will be reached by specific target dates.

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We Believe

The organization of the future is one where everyone is a leader.

 It is only when people can lead themselves that they can genuinely be creative and innovative.

To become a truly empowering enterprise, a business must develop leaders throughout the organization. 

Hear From Our Clients

Mike Bond
“It amazes me how often we let the least effective behaviors dominate our time and attention, and what a detriment this distraction can be to high performance. Pete Morrell helped me identify these distractions, and minimize them, turning my focus onto high payoff activities. The results have been tangible – increased production, more long-term planning, better health, and LOOKING FORWARD TO MONDAY MORNINGS!”

Market President, Guaranty Bank and Trust
Kate Howell
The MyTyme has been a life saver and a great way for me to know exactly what I need to get done as well as record daily events, keep track of my contacts and of course, set and track my goals!! For the first time in my life I am able to work through the goal setting process with action steps that work in my life and business.

Kate Howell
Brian Seifried
Peter Morrell is a fantastic motivator, skilled communicator, and natural leader. While attending his Effective Leadership workshop, Peter kept the entire class engaged and provided invaluable tools for leadership that I utilize on a daily basis.

President Wing Shack Enterprises Inc.
Jeanette Fraser
The course put me on track to prioritizing not only my day but my life. I continue to use the tools I discovered in this course to guide me toward even greater success.

Jeanette Fraser
Craig Smith
Morrell and Associates takes personal pride in helping you succeed in life and career. We believe a core value they teach, is service was with integrity. The greatest skill we gained from our experience was time management with organization. Great People!

Smith Chiropractic Offices, P.C. Greeley, Colorado
Ron Camp
The tremendous success of the Greeley Chorale’s 50th Anniversary Celebration Season was due in large part to an Implementation Plan developed for the Chorale by Morrell and Associates. Built through a series of goal setting and team building workshops, the plan was so effective that the Colorado Creative Industries (CCI) specifically mentioned it when awarding the Chorale a grant for the Anniversary Season. In addition to providing in invaluable working guide, the Morrell & Associates plan helped the Chorale demonstrate its commitment to long range planning and professionalism.

Past President, The Greeley Chorale Board of Directors
Mike Oakes
We sent our entire leadership group through the “Effective Personal and Organizational Productivity, Team Development, and Strategic Thinking” workshop with Pete and we are more productive than ever. It helped our team take ownership of our direction allowing us to reach our full potential!

Vice President, Unified Title
Dean Rodahl
We have sent numerous employees through the leadership classes at Morrell & Associates. The classes teach valuable leadership skills and tools that make our whole team more productive. This training isn’t taught in college or our school systems and it is so vital. Personally, I’ve taken the class and would recommend the training to any business working towards having a high functioning team. Pete is a top-notch instructor and facilitator.

Payroll Sales, Direct Line
Larry Wisehart
I would like to thank you for effective training of time management. I would recommend to anyone in finding more time in each day and organizing life's responsibilities. It is a great asset for anyone in the business world!

Larry Wisehart NMLS #387034
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